Project Management

Additionally to the auditing of your security, Flow Less can also take care of your large IT projects. IT projects shouldn’t be special, they should be like any other projects. The roll-out of a new marketing campaign, the construction of a new facility, the organization of a party.

However, we all know IT has a (false !) reputation to exceed all possible indicators of a healthy projects. Some of the following sentences will certainly sound familiar to you:

  • IT projects are always delivered late (planning).
  • You always need to double the initial forecast for IT projects (budget).
  • IT department cannot deliver all our asked features for “technical” reasons (scope).
  • IT department hides behind technical jargon (communication).
  • It’s not what we asked or expected and it’s full of bugs (quality)

If some of those reminds you of painful projects, we can certainly help.

Flow Less relies on strong profiles. Our Project Managers are certified and have a robust IT background.

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