Everything you need to know about 6S

6S can be considered as 5S + Safety. 5S is a common methodology that people in today’s world follow in order to get their project processes done in an efficient manner. That’s because a new factor called safety comes into play.

What makes 6S different from 5S?

6S is different from 5S due to the additional parameter, which is safety. When Safety is added into 5S, you will be encouraging the employees at the workplace who follow agile organizational structures to keep safety in mind. In fact, they will be able to adhere to safety throughout all the other 5 steps as well.

Applications of 6S

For example, you can go ahead and introduce red colored tags into the items that you are going to remove. In addition to that, you can add yellow colored tags to the EHS hazards. All the items with a red colored tag must go to the central hiding spot. Likewise, the yellow colored items should be evaluated separately and they should be treated in a different way.

While you are straightening, you are provided with the chance to organize all the items, so that you will be able to boost the overall efficiency. While you are doing that, you can keep an eye on safety as well. You are not just placing things in place to boost the productivity, but you also pay attention towards safety problems, such as ergonomic strain that would take place. The additional safety factor will not create any hindrances, but it can deliver a range of benefits to the people who follow 6Sigma at the end of the day. Therefore, you can go for it without keeping any doubts in mind.

— Slimane Zouggari