It is a fact that change is the foundation of all progress. Well, with this, you must develop a more innovative plan to create an effective change management to attain a higher plateau of success. In relation to this, one of the most sought after change models today was the ADKAR model. It was established by Jeff Hiatt way back in 2003. Later on, it was featured as a practical tool by Prosci, a popular change management consultancy and learning center.

ADKAR stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability as well as Reinforcement. The best thing about this change management tool is that it will able you to discover why change is hard and why other changes succeed while others are not. Even more important, it is very effective in the agile industry, thus it can improve the success of every organization.

The Essence of ADKAR Model

Awareness – To attain the goals and missions of a particular organization, it is important that its employees must be aware the importance of change.

Desire – Employees must have a strong desire to cooperate and support the change.

Knowledge – Having the knowledge regarding the process of change, the ultimate goal for the change will be explicit for the organization’s team.

Ability – Change can be achieved successfully by simply having the ability to acquire the essential skills and behavior management.

Reinforcement – Reinforcement will support the change and make it clear to the employees that there is no turning back.

When to use it?

ADKAR model is a more innovative change tool to attain success in a specific organization. Even more important, it is also essential to identify the reasons behind the success or failure of a certain change. As a result, you can learn what not to do the next time and commit less mistakes for your goals or projects.

If you are finding for an effective change management tool, then it will be a wise decision to opt for the ADKAR model. It cannot be denied that change is difficult to achieve. Definitely, the latter tool will able to guide you on the essential things that can lead to a successful change.

Concrete Examples

One best example of portraying the ADKAR model is within a business organization. Success of the company will never be achieved without a greater level of discipline, perseverance as well as teamwork among the employees. With this, change is really important to improve the flow of the business transactions. The employees must be willing to change their working attitude to achieve the goals and missions of their company.

On the other hand, the ADKAR model is also applicable to individuals who want to attain their personal goals. For example, if you want to attain perfect health, then you must have the strong desire to change your habits that are detrimental to your health. Moreover, you must acquire the essential skills in order to be consistent about the specific thing that you want to achieve.

To sum it up, ADKAR model can be your powerful tool to make a better change in your life. It can aid you to live the life that you most desire.

— Slimane Zouggari