Continuous Delivery

Every company would want to make their businesses be on the top of their game and make them successful. However, the path to success is not easy.  There will be many risks, which can bring them to either achieving it or lead to failure. Hence, when this kind of situation happens, the only solution is to have a continuous delivery, which has been helping big organizations for them to be inventive, responsive and lean.


Continuous Delivery or CD as being referred is known as an idea that was given a description in a book that was published in 2010. The book was co-authored by Jez Humble and David Farley, which are both ThoughWorkers. Continuous delivery is used as a language about that is utilized when it comes to the software builds and when an examination or placement activities occurs in the production of the software. CD is being used until today by huge organizations in order to for them to take control their customers when the software is in its continuing cycle.

What is it?

Continuous Delivery or CD is software with engineering approach, which allows individuals to create software in cycles specifically the short ones that will guarantee that the software is trusted once it is launched. Continuous Delivery allows individuals to alter such types as new features, bug fixes, experiments in a safe and abrupt process.

Why doing it?

With CD, there are a lot of benefits that an individual once he or she makes use of it. Continuous delivery avoids the organizations to be out of high risks. With this, the software engineering approach will enable the software to be deployed in low-risk and effortless which can ben demandingly done anytime. In addition, with CD, organizations can quickly market their software to their clients that also keep them more advanced with regards to competition.

In addition, continuous delivery lets the organizations be able to get the feedback of the customers in a faster way since with their regular releases, they were able to gather all the feedbacks of the customers that they will deliver to the application development teams. Moreover, the approach allows the organizations develop the quality of their product because it fixes the bugs found in the product and not only that, it helps them reach the satisfaction level that their customers want and improve it.

For organizations who want to know how they can improve their products, continuous delivery is the solution because it helps them to get the feedbacks from their customers in an instant. The feedbacks become the basis when it comes to developing the product. With the help of CD, the organizations will be able to know how they easily fix the issues and make it even workable for their clients. The approach will be the key for the companies in order for them to make changes to the software that they have released which allow them to make the software and product have a higher quality.

— Slimane Zouggari