Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is also known as Policy Deployment wherein it is a method for ensuring that the strategic goals of a company drive action and progress at every level within that company. Converting plans into actual actions is actually a very common problem across many industries in countries all over the world. Many companies put in a lot of effort to come up with strategic plans but are unable to implement them. As a matter of fact, these companies find it almost impossible to work on strategic objectives because the employees are so busy with the routine aspects of their work. The other problem is that many employees simply do not have sufficient information about strategic plans. The only way that you can help your organization achieve its important goals is by using Hoshin Kanri.
What is Hoshin Kanri?
Hoshin Kanri is a Japanese concept that has been adopted by large organizations and small companies all over the world. The term Hoshin indicates a compass to provide direction whereas Kanri refers to management or control. In other words, this concept is immensely useful to help point organizations in the right direction to move. Adopting this concept is therefore the best way to help your company achieve its goals. It has been derived from the American concept of Management by Objectives and is actually an improvement on it. If you start implementing Hoshin Kanri in your organization, you will need to have a proper system of rules and forms in place so that everything goes according to plan. Not only will action be formally charted out but there will also be regular performance checks conducted.
What makes Hoshin Kanri so powerful?
It encourages all employees to study various work situations and create appropriate plans for improvement. People from different levels of the company are encouraged to work together to bring out positive change. Your organization will benefit greatly from adopting the principles of Hoshin Kanri. All the effort that you and your employees have out into coming up with strategic plans will finally benefit your company since there will be companywide communication about what the plans exactly are. Once people know what is expected of them, they will then be able to work towards it.
In addition to this, the system of regular checks that you put into place will ensure that the plans are implemented correctly. In case you are having difficulty implementing this highly useful management concept in your company then you should get expert help. Your company’s productivity will then increase considerably since it will be able to achieve its many goals.
Hoshin Kanri is absolutely essential to ensure that strategic plans do not go to waste. Ensure that all employees know about the plans and also undergo the necessary checks so that they stick to the plans. Hoshin Kanri is considered as one of the many immensely useful management techniques that Japanese manufacturers have given to the corporate world. Use Hoshin Kanri method and rest assured that you will see a dramatic improvement in business within the first year itself.

— Slimane Zouggari