Kanban – classes of services

What are classes of Services in Kanban?

Kanban is a board by which company’s agile development, set their goals and services and categorizes them into different classes.

In this context, Kanban has different classes of specific services that are change and unique to each other.

When we classify the services in different categories, then it becomes easy to understand and implement. It is beneficial to divide the work according to its urgency and its impact on the line of business. By doing this team of the company workers can do their project with more reliability and validity.

More often these classes of service are based on delivery time, cost of products, quantity and standards.

Why it matters?

Well, there are tickets which have classes of service that help in progress the tasks that are found on the board. We need to identify the most important tasks and need to do them first as they are needed to be done first. After selecting the tasks the time required to process a task and then all the issues in the task are resolved and the task is processed further. This is all you get when you are using the classes of services in Kanban board.

How is it used?

When the work items on which the team needs to work are distinguished on the basis of priority, then we can say that this is the class or services in Kanban. These items are treated according to the urgency then the team can make the reliable forecasts and the time frame in which the order needs to be delivered can be set so that it can be done in time.

This class of service is actually based on the risk information about the economic impact of the work item that can it be delayed or not.


  • The flow of work can be improved
  • Delivery deadlines met
  • Effective work
  • Issues solved

It is clear that classes of services in Kanban ought to be used for effective work and less load on the team.

— Slimane Zouggari