Do you work in a team or a group? DO you want to improve the efficiency of your work? Various agile methodologies, especially kanban, are becoming more and more popular.
Have you ever heard about the kanban method before? Most people have not. But even if you never heard about it, you probably hung color papers out in your workplace with current work tasks. If so, you are already a little familiar with the classical method of project management called kanban.
When you work in a team, no matter how many people you work with, each of them has an own task list and simultaneously works on several tasks, projects or with several clients. Kanban methodology allows you and your company to systematize work, achieve the greatest efficiency and reduce costs.
Nowadays, we cannot imagine the project manager drawing graphs on the wall and fixing cards to it. Instead, there are services providing the kanban boards online. One of the services is Kanbanize. Let’s review its capabilities.

What is Kanbanize
Kanbanize is an online tool for managing tasks and projects, employees and shared interface features. Kanbanize allows you to balance the working process, keep time management and assess the staff. And also create several permissions, establishing a hierarchy within all team. Plus, you can print and export data to Excel, even create graphs and charts for analysis.
Kanbanize is known for its powerful analytics module and several diagrams with automatic filling. Kanbanize supports aggregate flow, cycle time, task distribution, and much more.

Key Kanbanize features:
● Privileges and roles of every user in a team.
● Mobile applications for Android and iOS.
● Statuses of tasks, for example, to do, in progress, done.
● The system is based on WIP (work in progress).
● Custom fields in tasks, so you are able to add everything you need.
● Reminders and notifications to ensure you and your colleagues do everything in time.
● Daily backup to prevent data loss.
● Technical online and phone support.
● Relations between tasks.
● Runtime policy — create your own rules for each project.
● Email integration.
● Timesheets and event log.
● HTTPS access.
● Custom domains.
● Dedicated cloud capabilities.
● A lot of free training and teaching materials.
● VPN access through Amazon VPC.
● LDAP integration.
● Kanban boards to modify your project in the most efficient way.
● Comments and metrics.
● Schedule in Excel.
● Branding managing.
● The colors of tasks, terms, and executors.
● Task templates.
● Complete task history.
● Attachments from your local PC and Dropbox.
● Export search results to Excel.
● Work in Helpdesk mode by e-mail.
● Solutions for lean project management, IT operations, software and product development, as well as agile marketing.
● Flexible plans.

Trello is one of the most popular project management systems online, which is in high demand among small companies and startups. It allows you to organize your work effectively with kanban boards. The tool has a simple interface, provides almost unlimited free access, is very convenient and is able to integrate with other popular tools.
YouTrack. A task management system designed specifically for teams of programmers, developers, companies which use the agile project management method. Capabilities: time management, kanban boards, flexible reports with graphs and diagrams, customization and commenting on tasks.
Zoho Sprints. Web-based platform for agile planning in teamwork. Capabilities: backlog management, kanban board, time management, Gantt chart, sprint management, event tape, schedule, meeting management. There is a free plan for 5 users and 5 projects.

— Slimane Zouggari