KISS Principle

What Is It?

KISS is an abbreviation which means to say, “Keep It Simple, Stupid or Keep it Stupid, Simple”.  This is a kind of principle which was really essential to the success of software engineering industries. One of the common problems of software developers and engineers these days is the fact that they over complicate problems. And thus, KISS is the answer to such things.

This principle states that a system works best if things will be kept very simple than making it very complicated. This only means to say that simplicity should always be one of the key goals in the designs and in avoiding the unnecessary complexities.

When to Use It?

This KISS can be used to solve problems a lot faster, produce codes to solve some complex problems in line with codes, build larger and simpler to maintain systems and large development projects and groups. This is during the times when you experience great problem dealing with complex problems in your area of expertise.

Concrete Examples

There are lots of concrete examples as far as KISS principles are concerned. But, this thought will definitely drive you to the best examples of this principle.

“Some of the greatest algorithms all over the world are always those with fewest code lines. When you go through such lines, you can easily and immediately understand all of them. Algorithm innovators broke down this kind of problem and it was already been understand. Huge numbers of problem solvers are not considered to be great coders yet they are still producing great kind of codes.”


This KISS principle find its origin in the same concept of minimalist such as Leonardo da Vinci and Occam’s Razor that puts emphasis to the idea that simplicity is really an ultimate sophistication. According to Mies Van Der Roche’s, less is considered to be more. Make some simple task very simple is the idea that Bjrane Stroustrups wants to emphasize.

The founder of the Lotus Cars, Collin Champan also follows the KISS principle. He assures to inform all of his designers to simplify and add lightness to the features of their product. Machines of Rube Goldberg and Heath Robinsons also make those overly complex solutions to be at the simple approach. Apart from that, Shakespeare also emphasizes the idea of brevity as the best soul of the wit.

Another alternative view in relation to KISS principle is more about the attribute of Albert Einstein which emphasizes that making things simple is possible. A variant is utilized in marketing in making everything straightforward and simple.

The KISS principle has been seen in different variants. There are still companies and people who make things difficult. But, with this principle, you would be able to make things easy and simple. Hence, you will no longer have to worry or be stressed out with the use of this KISS principle. This was also proven to be really effective and that you must follow it all the more for the common good of all!

— Slimane Zouggari