Lean IT Fundamentals

Information technology (IT) plays a vital role in the society. Almost everybody is now engaged in technology. The one that engages in direction and growth of I.T. is the so called Lean IT.
In the information technology, Lean IT has an important part where it extends the manufacturing and services that helps it to be managed well and for its development. It can be the means to make the work agile. With the help of this platform, the work becomes easier and faster to finish. The quick and fast delivery of result that is needed by the user makes this service more useful.
This manufacturing are widely exercised and used for more production in business. This has been great help for the businesses today. Being in the high tech world, all should be updated. There are similarities on manufacturing and IT services. One of this is that manufacturing, provides goods to its client and costumer as IT manufactures by means of its value to the businesses not only to the business itself but also to the costumers they are serving. Also the development of the services are from the different department of the company namely the production department, the resource department, the peace and order department and many more.
With the great use of technology today, business also uses the technology to reach out for their costumer. They use the internet and technology to be in line in the current world. They shift and advance their way of service to the people. And because of this service become more convenient and agile in the part of the customer as well as the business owner. The advance and easier way to transact gives the advantage of Lean IT. The reason of this are:
• Convenient to customer and business and develops the easier and faster way in transaction
This particular service can lessen the burden of both, customer and the business. With the help of this transaction become easier. The time that is allotted in transacting are being lessened.
• Decreases the wasting of work production
It became more productive. There have growth and development of the business.
• Decreases the defects or problem like unnecessary changes in the system and unproductive and improper way of executing the business project. This will affect the quality of service for the customer. And can lead to more problems of the company. It can also increase the business load for the maintenance and other services.
• Helps save time
The way the business response to the need of the customer is important. Business should have the effective time management in responding customer’s concern. Fast and proper response should be remembered. And because of wasting time the productivity of the business is affected.
• Avoid miscommunication
It is important to have a good communication between the customer and the business. Good communication will be the means to be more productive and the trust of the client should be developed.
• Be knowledgeable
Businesses should be knowledgeable enough to have the right ideas for the growth and development.

— Slimane Zouggari