LS – 15% Solutions

What is meant by it?

Regardless of how small your contribution is, it matters. So, 15% solutions will show that you don’t have to sit and do nothing with the fear of not producing a vast amount of output. Whatever small you create will help in contributing to solving a big problem.

How is it done?

You will start this organizational structure by asking each participant about their respective 15 percent contribution in making something big and what can they do without any resources. There can be an unlimited number of groups. No tables will be required. Therefore only chairs will be given to people to sit in a group of 2 or 4 members where everyone will be contributing equally. For the first 5 minutes, every participant will come up with their own 15% solutions. Then, they will share it with their group members for 3 minutes. 5-7 minutes will be given to the groups to consult with each other.

What is its purpose?

15% solutions can be used for building trust among people and for helping everyone discover what they can do as an individual as well as a group. It will also help to come up with great solutions.

What are its Tips and Traps?

15% solutions are one of those liberating structures that can help you in understanding what is possible to do. You should be ready to expect big things to follow up after you ask for 15% solutions in different meetings. When you are telling a story, make sure to let everyone know how a small change made by someone helped in making a lot of progress.

Examples –  Where can it be used?

15% is an agile project management technique, which can be used in the following circumstances:

  • For solving any problem where you need to take the initiative.
  • For facing any challenge and achieving success.
  • For achieving success in a small step.

— Slimane Zouggari