LS – Critical Uncertainties

What is meant by it?

Critical uncertainties are an organizational structure that can help different groups by asking them to explore an open market and observe the critical situations which are uncertain. Then, they will list down the most critical situations and brainstorm various strategies with the help of which they can solve that complex problem. It will help them in seeing things better.

How is it done?

Critical uncertainties can be carried out by inviting participants to observe the most vital and unusual realities in an open market and to come up with strategies to succeed in those different scenarios. Ask the participants to list down the critical factors and select the two most critical elements from the list. Then, they will have to create a grid. Each group shall write a thumbnail scenario and share it with the other groups. They will also have to share their strategies. It will require four groups. Every participant will be participating equally and will be given equal opportunity to put forward their ideas to help form strategies to solve a complicated situation. Chairs, tables, papers, post-it notes, and flip charts will be provided to each group.

What is its purpose?

Critical uncertainties are an agile way to test specific strategies and to improve everyone’s capacity to get the work done quickly.

What are its Tips and Traps?

Make sure to remember the predictions that went wrong and use the 1-2-4-all liberating structure in each step. Try to have fun and use post-it notes to write down your ideas.

Examples – Where can it be used?

Critical uncertainties can be used in the following circumstances:

  • To explore the features of a product or service.
  • To generate steps in an initiative.
  • To create a strategic vision.
  • For counseling the youth.

 — Slimane Zouggari