LS – Heard, Seen, Respected

What is meant by it?

Heard, Seen, Respected is an organizational structure that can help people in being heard. Everyone had experienced the time when they were telling their story to someone, and that person was not paying enough attention to them, however, with the help of HSR, your story will be heard by someone and paid proper attention to also. Your pair will empathize with your problem, and as a group, you will learn how to face the challenge.

How is it done?

You can begin Heard, Seen, Respected by inviting participants to tell a story to their partner in the group when they felt like nobody was hearing, seeing or respecting what they were telling. Make sure to tell the listeners not to interrupt the storyteller. Chairs will be provided to the participants. Every participant will get the chance to listen and tell a story of their own also. Each person will be given 7 minutes to tell their story to their respective partner for 7 minutes. Then, for five minutes the pair will share their experiences. In the next five minutes, two pairs will share their reflections and discuss the patterns that they noticed. Then the whole group will discuss how HSR can help in solving challenges.

What is its purpose?

Heard, seen, respected can help people in telling their story and being empathized when no one else is ready to hear them. It will improve their listening skills and also teach them how to empathize with somebody. You can also help someone with your advice or ideas.

What are its Tips and Traps?

You will have to make sure that nobody’s sentiments are hurt during this liberating structure. Also, keep in mind that the storyteller’s privacy is protected. Tell the participants to note when they form a judgment while hearing the story.


Examples – Where can it be used?

Heard, seen, respected is an agile technique that can be used in the following circumstances:

  • For improving the quality of listening and engaging in meetings.
  • When you have to express grief for someone’s loss.
  • To improve your relationship with an individual or an organization.

— Slimane Zouggari