LS – Social Network Webbing

What is meant by it?

Social network webbing can be used to help a group discover their hidden resources that could help them on their project. It can assist in finding out that who has a connection with those people and how they can build a strong network with them in the future.

How is it done?

You can begin Social network webbing by asking people of a working group what project they are working on, with which people they are working and whom they would like to include in the future. There should be an open wall where you can attach the post-it notes that will be given to the participants along with a black tip pen. Every member of the group will get an equal chance to contribute. The 1-2-4-all procedure would be followed to come up with the names of the people the group would like to work with on the project in the future.

What is its purpose?

It will help in spreading knowledge among people and in making them see different connections with other people. It will also develop a sense of leadership among the participants. They will also learn how to do big things without a high budget through social networks.

What are its Tips and Traps?

Make sure to ask all the participants to think big when they dream about who they would like to include in their life in the future. However, they should not contain more than ten people otherwise it will get confusing for them. The participants should write down the names of those people instead of their respective titles.

Examples – Where can it be used?

Social network webbing is an agile liberating structure that can be used in the following circumstances:

  • To prevent the spreading of infections by a hospital team.
  • When coaches spread the skills and knowledge among people working under them.
  • When provincial government leaders inform other members of the government and the general public about their policy.
  • To expand the usage of new

— Slimane Zouggari