Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Hierarchy of Needs is a psychological theory which was presented by Abraham Maslow 1943, he was the famous Humanistic psychologist of 20 century. It describes the common five motivational needs of human being.

Maslow divided these needs into five groups:

Physiological Needs:

Physiological needs are the bodily necessities for human existence. Sleep, water, air, food, shelter and clothing are basic physiological needs. By these needs human body can work properly, if these physiological needs are not met, body will eventually fail in its performance. These are very important and basic needs of human body, without them the other needs do not fulfil the requirements. These needs are at the top of this Maslow pyramid.  Same as this in any system it is very necessary to provide the workers bonuses regarding their services and increasing their salaries with the passage of time in agile development process.

Safety Needs:

When your physiological needs are being met then then your safety needs will come next. Self-safety, health safety and economical safety are included in these needs. Every person wants to feel safe in all aspects of life. In the working environment, the workers also need the safety of their assets and comfortable environment.

Social Needs:

Social needs are actually the needs of belongingness and affection. These needs belong to family, friends, social interactions and other relations. Same as this it is very necessary to provide them such relaxing environment to celebrate their achievements.


Self Esteem are described as ego and self-respect. Every person wants to need to be respected and received appreciation form others. Inferiority complexes may destroy the personal life of the person. In any agile development system, it is important that make your workers sure about their work and abilities that how are they important for this system.

Self-Actualization Needs:

Self-actualization is a drive which is present in every person. It is the state where any person realizes his own abilities and potential and wants to other people that they should realize too. Provide the opportunities for taking hold and leading any project for their self-actualization of the team members in agile development.

— Slimane Zouggari