Minimum Lovable Product


The MLP is introduced as a new product which brings back the highest amount of love from the tribe members with less effort. Sam Altman, Y Combinator further emphasized that it is a lot better building something that a small number of users will love as compared to a lot of users.


The concept of minimum lovable product originates in giving importance to the prioritization of stories of users on the story map. Due to the reason that being viable is and will never be enough, it is rather important to make the minimum product lovable. The perspective of customers is usually being taken into account.


The job of building great, appealing and impressive products is really difficult. And whether you are working in an agency, startup, corporate and non-profit, it is true that product people really want it all. Now, when launching a product, there is usually a tricky balance of striking between quality of execution and speed of delivery.

The manufacture or creation of a great product requires dedication, discipline and skill. It will also mainly require making some bold choices. This is even whoever you want to hire and when you need to hire and what will you need to build. In all these, the product will be defined by all the decisions that you make.

The MLP is now the newest fit for the design-hungry users. In addition to that, it is simply about thinking big and starting small. The idea is more on validating that people really loved your cake and will then come back for more. And then, they will have to tell all their friends. Since you have started small, you still have more room to maneuver.

The MLP further allow you of gaining more followers while exploring for more opportunities. This also sticks to the belief of not only making clients happy but even more on making happy clients.

Difference with MVP (minimum viable product)

The difference that MVP has with MLP is that the former is a newer product that is consisted of necessary facets for deployment. Nevertheless, there’s no more than that. The MLP is even a lot better than MVP because it is a curse for all ambitious tech companies that aim to grow.

The transactional world usually depends much on the happiness of customers over a long-term period. Long-term happiness of customers originates from customers adoring your service or product. And, even if MVP is considered as really a strategic approach to obtaining a product out of the door, it actually produces unsatisfactory products.

In several large organizations, the usual conversation will involve the minimum viable product and some of its flawed principles. Now, with MLP, the concept is more on the things that customers will love you and will not tolerate you.

Another major difference between MVP and MLP is that the latter is more on doing something fantastic in bringing great joy for the world to become a better place. Now, you already have learned more about MLP!

— Slimane Zouggari