Nexus is a scaling framework that you can find in agile. If you want to scale the agile teams within your company, this is the right approach available to move forward with. This framework focuses on how to organize teams to deliver a project that has a large scope.

Scrum model has bottlenecks when delivering large projects within a short time period. That’s where Nexus comes into play. This framework can help a company to get two or more teams involved to complete a project. Along with that, it is possible to deliver the large scale project within a short time period.

If a large project has to be completed, one team will not be able to work on it and deliver it within a short time period. This is where the help of more than one team is required. Nexus comes into play in such a situation. You can easily scale two or more teams through this framework and get them to work collaboratively ensure timely delivery of the project.

Scaling teams is important to get most work done within the limited time. Therefore, it is important to go ahead with the Nexus framework and properly scale the teams to complete a large project with tight deadlines.

When two or more teams are working to achieve one common objective, misunderstandings can happen. Hence, it is important to understand how to overcome them.

If a development has to be completed within a short time period, it is important to overcome overheads. Overcoming such overheads will become an easy thing to do with the help of Nexus model. That’s because it has got the ability to eliminate the bottlenecks and deliver positive results.

— Slimane Zouggari