Niko-Niko Calendar

We are all familiar with a calendar because it is we used to see the date of the day. A calendar reminds us of a deadline and activities that we have to accomplish for the day, week or for the entire month. In short, it is like a guide that gives us a timeline of activities and tasks that need to be done. Today, one of the latest calendars that you can install on your wall is the Niko-niko Calendar. You can use it in the office or at home conveniently.

What is Niko-niko calendar?

Niko is a Japanese word, meaning “smile”. Once you double the word “niko-niko”, the meaning will be similar to a smiley. Generally, the calendar can be installed in your room’s wall. If you will notice the format of the calendar, it lets you everyone in the team record one’s graphic evaluation of his/her mood for the entire day. In recording the mood, you can use a colored sticker or a hand-drawn emoticon with a color code. The team can decide on the color-coding, each color represents a mood. Throughout the month, the calendar will give you a pattern or changes of mood in the team.

Why do you need the Niko-niko calendar?

The mood of a person is likely to affect his/her performance or productivity throughout the day. Tracking the mood of your members in the team is important and necessary in knowing how you are going to motivate them in giving their highest level of performance. Although tracking their mood does not give you a precise result if it will affect their performance, at least, you have basis for measuring their productivity for the day.

How will you track the mood of your team?

Using Agile projects, you can track the mood of everybody in the team in terms of lead time, bugs and a lot more. By simply tracking the metrics that they are up to for the week, you will be able to determine the problems as early as possible. Without these Agile metrics, it can be harder to improve their performance.

As soon as you get those numbers, you can immediately proceed with the analysis. Once you are done with the tracking, it can be easier for you to steer the project to what you are trying to meet. You can also lead the group to somewhere it is supposed to be for the meantime. Tracking their emotions is one way of getting feedbacks from them about their opinion on the ongoing project.

How will you create a customized Niko-niko calendar?

Simply, you only have to secure a regular calendar then install in the wall where everyone can see it. Divide the spaces equally for each day according to the number of members you have in the team. Place a pen close or near to the calendar so your members will not fail to track their emotions for the day. Create a legend about the meaning of the color code. Once you do it right, you will see the results within a week.

— Slimane Zouggari