There is no need for the organizations to implement projects in order to bring change. It is possible for them to follow a unique approach, a set of tactics, and appropriate techniques in order to ensure continuous change within the organization. This is creating the concept of #noprojects. The main objective of #noprojects is to align the activities to outcomes, which are measured by value. They are also supported by continuous delivery methodologies and guided by the principles.

Projects are capable of addressing a static requirement. In other words, the requirement is identified. However, the customer needs would change along with time. Hence, the need identified at the beginning of the project would change. This is why it is possible to adhere to the #noprojects approach and go ahead with continuously delivering change. Then it is possible to continuously prioritize the customer demands and deliver to them accordingly.

For the concept of #noprojects to be implemented, it is important for every organization to focus on the outcomes, instead of outputs. On the other hand, the teams should work on the activities, which can help them to create change within the context of a specific outcome.

Projects are known to be expensive. This is another reason on why the #noprojects and noestimates concepts are gaining more attention in agile environment. Since there is no project, you don’t find a need to estimate. Instead, you will be budgeting according to the need to proceed with continuous change and deliveries. This is a more practical approach of handling customer needs and catering to the customer requirements. It offers a high level of flexibility. On top of everything, it would address all the possibilities that are associated with failing a project as well.

— Slimane Zouggari