A variety of marketing design has been used in order to catch the attention of a specific audience based on the products that have been displayed. Using personas is considered as one option employed for the marketing strategies. Personas have a design of a detailed craft, synthetic biographies of a pretend users that are designed for a product. It is characterized by a visual and concise approach in providing a common layout usually laid by a single page composed of a name, professional details, and a photograph.

Personas as one of software products are designed with the quality to use more than one category of a person with expectations to the products and the potential to the different preferences. The marketing team usually creates one persona in every category. Furthermore, the design of personas helps in providing focus to the surrounding components by means of adding layers of a real world based conversation.

Since persona are created to illuminate and copy the customer’s behavior pattern, here are few examples of marketing personas. It is mainly directed to give people the ideas on how to create a built out marketing personas.

  1. You can make a persona that is based on the profile of the Enterprise. The raw data that have been included is composed of specific information. There is the position in the Enterprise, the description of the company, course degree that the persona took and a little background check for your life status. It should have the goals and the challenges involved in the business. Thus, the reason of why you love a certain mechanism involved in marketing. This will make the readers more interested to read. All the information that is presented is more specific.
  2. You can also make personas in a more comprehensive and detail oriented manner. All the information that is presented consist of the position of the persona and other related position, qualification of the persona, the demographics mainly based on some of the personal information, goals, and challenges and the reason of why choose that specific persona. The personas represent a personality type.

How to Make Personas?

Making persona design can vary based on the business and industry that need the process. Personas are created in a combination of raw data, educated guesses, the template and the audience that would be interacting with the personas. Marketing personas deliver the most relevant content that would be useful for the audience.

A typical personas template composed of the name of the persona, Job title, demographics, goals and challenges, values and fear and the marketing message that need to be forwarded to the readers. Although it may take some time before to fully comprehend the specifics in persona making, it is very important to identify first to collect the raw data that is the initial things that need to be considered.

Common Issues in using Personas

The usage of personas in product marketing has been confused with the other conceptual tools that are used in defining software requirements. Because of this, personas are considered to be not a user role. This user role refers to a sales person, administrator and many other that are defined based on the task and job description.

Moreover, persona design emphasizes the goals and behaviours of the users. And, personas are not market segments. It is defined based on the demographic attributes which describe personas as users rather than buyers. The confusion in using personas as part of marketing approach makes other think that it’s a little hard to understand the idea behind the personas usage.

— Slimane Zouggari