Portfolio SAFe

Portfolio SAFe has the ability to align strategy along with execution in a company. In addition to that, it is organizing proper solution development around the flow of value via one value stream or more.

Three additional core competencies are making Portfolio SAFe possible. They include Lean Portfolio Management, Continuous Learning Culture and Organizational Agility. Every single portfolio that you can find in Portfolio SAFe is connected either to a government entity or an enterprise.

Value streams is one of the highlights that you can find in Portfolio SAFe. In here, a value stream is developed in order to fund the resources and people to develop solutions that can deliver value to both customer as well as the business. Moreover, it is focusing on lean budgets, which provide proper financial control.

Portfolio SAFe has the ability to align the enterprise strategy to go ahead with a portfolio execution. This is done by focusing more on the value streams. This delivers the basic governance mechanisms and budgeting mechanisms at the end of the day. In the meantime, you can see how portfolio sync is being used to provide a clear picture on how the portfolio is progressing to cater to strategic goals and objectives.

If there is a need to introduce developing right things within a lean agile company along with the usage of appropriate investments, Portfolio SAFe principles can be used. The portfolio will be able to cater to a strategic objective. In the meantime, business epics will capture and reflect all the capabilities that the business has in order to deliver value streams across the organization.

— Slimane Zouggari