RACI Matrix

Are you running some business or owns a company but it is hard for you to manage all the task and tracks? Then try to shift your all schedules on RACI Matrix. Many of you did not know about what is RACI Matrix so let us discuss it in detail.

What is a RACI?

RACI Matrix is a useful tool that use to organize tasks, roles, and responsibilities of a single or many persons working in a company. It helps to restrict the confusion over the division of roles or responsibilities between different employees. The RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.

How does it work?

For using RACI Matrix, first, identify all the important roles related to the completion on a single task. You have to give a clear description of the project as well. Always keep in mind that there should be one person related to the single role like for accountability there should be single person otherwise it will end with a conflict. There should be one consulted member and one to informed for a single task.

Why is it used?

RACI is used to assist you in identifying the workload on each employee. It gives you the details regarding which task or role is assigned to which person. This is an effective tool and used to increase the productivity of work and to prevent from miscommunication between the owner and employees because everyone is connected through this loop. If there is something wrong, and RACI will pick out the person behind the problem to ensure the accountability.

 What are the alternatives?

You will find many alternatives to RACI matrix that one can use in managing the projects. Some of them are for instance:

  • RACIO:

This project management tool identifies responsible, accountable, consulted, informed, and omitted.

  • ARCI:

Another alternative that one can use to manage the projects is ARCI, which states accountable, responsible, consulted, and informed.

— Slimane Zouggari