SAFe Courses & Certifications

SAFe is a technique that has the ability to implement lean agile transformation into a company. If you want to introduce it, you need to have a solid understanding about the fundamentals of SAFe. That’s where you need to go ahead with one of the SAFe courses and certifications.

Numerous SAFe courses and certifications are available for you to consider. Here is a list of the courses that you can follow to

  • Implementing SAFe
  • Leading SAFe
  • SAFe for teams
  • SAFe scrum master
  • SAFe advanced scrum master
  • SAFe release train engineer
  • SAFe product owner/product manager
  • SAFe DevOps
  • Agile software engineering
  • SAFe for architects
  • Lean portfolio management
  • Agile product and solution management.

Content that you can find in all these SAFe courses are thoughtfully created to help employees with ensuring agile transformation within their workplaces. Therefore, you will be able to follow these certification courses with the peace of mind and achieve excellent results.

You should start with the beginner courses in SAFe and then move to the advanced courses. Likewise, you should also follow SAFe courses that are related to your job description. For example, if you are into DevOps, you need to follow SAFe DevOps certification course. It will help you to understand your responsibilities in leading lean agile transformation within the company.

After you obtain SAFe cortication, you will need to renew it annually. You will need to pay a renewal fee of $100 to retain the certification as well. It is totally worth because SAFe can help you to introduce much-needed agile transformation to a company and retain it and stay updated along with time.

— Slimane Zouggari