SAFe: Portfolio Level

SAFe is the proven efficient framework that has been made available and accessible by public. It is primarily designed for the application of agile and lean practices at an enterprise scale. It comes with different options to choose from and one of these is the SAFe Portfolio.
SAFe Portfolio – What Is It?
SAFe Portfolio has been known as the most important concern when it comes to SAFe. It is providing the fundamental constructs for arranging the lean-agile enterprise across the value flow in two or more streams of value. Each of these develops the systems as well as the solutions that are necessary in order to meet the identified strategic objective. The portfolio stage summarizes such elements and it also provides the fundamental budgeting including some other governance mechanisms which are important to ensure that the investment within the value streams are giving the returns that are crucial for the enterprise. This is to help the enterprise meet the set strategic goals of it.
SAFe portfolio consists of the bidirectional connection to a business. One of these is giving strategic themes which are guiding the portfolio to bigger and altering business objectives while the other indicates a consistent portfolio context flow back to the business. It appraises the business of the recent condition of the involved solution set, the key performance indicators as well as some other important factors which affect the portfolio. The program portfolio management is representing the stakeholders which are responsible to provide the best and satisfying results in the end. There are some other important activities, roles, and artifacts that complete the representation.
Important Aspects about SAFe Portfolio
As said before, the portfolio level is encapsulating people and the processes that are crucial for building systems and creating solution which are needed by the enterprise in order to meet the strategic objectives of it. Every value stream is the long-lived chain of system definition, improvement and deployment steps that are utilized in building and deploying systems that are capable of providing a consistent flood of value either to the customer or business.
As mentioned previously, SAFe Portfolio comes with strategic themes that are mainly designed to give specific itemized business goals which are connecting the portfolio to the changing enterprise or business strategy. They are providing strategic context designed for decision-making inside the portfolio, influencing the investments in the value streams and are serving as the inputs to the solution, portfolio, & program backlogs. On the other hand, these themes aren’t formed and made by the enterprise alone. The truth is that the major portfolio stakeholders are taking part in the process and therefore, they are the cornerstones of the strategy formation.
One of the arrows in the bidirectional connection of SAFe Portfolio is indicating the consistent response of the portfolio framework to the business. It involves the major performance indicators and the qualitative evaluations of the suitability of the recent solution for market application together with any weakness, strength, threats, and opportunities which are available within the portfolio stage.

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