SAFe – Release Train Engineer and Value Stream Engineer

A release train engineer (RTE), has a responsibility to facilitate the program level, manage risk, and escalates impediments as well as helps drive in program level constant development. While the Value Stream Engineer (VSE), is the one that is guiding and assisting the work of a Release Train engineers as well as the Suppliers, these two kinds of jobs has almost the same background of development or SAFe program managers and function the most effective servant leaders.
The Value Stream Engineer (VSE) and Release Train Engineer (RTE) assist the value stream and release train execution as well as the processes. They intensify the manage risk, help guarantee value delivery, impediments and help drive nonstop development.
The two types of job have responsibilities normally fulfill the following tasks such as:
 Optimizing and managing the flow of the value over the program by means ofthe Information Radiators and Program and Value Stream Kanbans.
 Coach Leaders, scrum masters and teams practices and attitudes
 It inspires the Team Level, value stream level, program level, as well as around engineering and quality practices
 Contagious of improvement in initiative via Adapt and Inspect workshops, it is measure the alertness of the value stream and help recover
 Attending the Solution Demos and System Demos
 Providing contribution on resourcing to statement serious blockages
 They operate and understand within the Budget
 They also helping to manage the dependencies and the risks
 Supporting some related activities and report status to the program agile portfolio management
 Assisting the periodic synchronization meetings, including the ART sync in the Program Level as well as the VS sync in the stream value level
 Facilitating together with economic decision making by helping ability and article assessment by team and roll-up to the stream value level as well as the Portfolio level
 Track impediments and escalate
 Establishing the Program Increments an communicating to annual calendars for iterations
 Helping PI Planning
 Simplify the Post-Pi Planning keenness via nurturing the training of Backlogs and Vision, as well as pre and post PI Planning meetings
However, an outlook change is frequently needed for a new Release Train Engineer and Value Stream Engineer. The managing and direction activities is stand-in as a servant leader. A servant leadership is a management philosophy that denotes an inclusive assessment of the value of a community, work and spirit. In this regard, the Release Train Engineer and Vale Stream Engineer must have the characteristic of a servant leader actions wherein you must support and listen your team in regards to the problem in decision making and identification.
Encouraging and supporting the development of team as well as the personal improvements of individuals. Persuading rather using of authority. Creating a kind of environment that has mutual influence. It is important that you support the commitments of the team and you need to be open and learn to appreciate the openness in other member of the team.
Therefore, Release Train Engineer and Value Stream Engineer has almost the same responsibilities that need to fulfil, but in order to be an effective engineer you need to learn the characteristic of servant leader.

— Slimane Zouggari