Scrum guide 2020

Scrum was developed back in the year 1990. As of now, scrum and agile software development methodologies are heavily being used by the software development teams all around the world. The latest update to the scrum guide took place on 18th of November 2020. This update was published by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

One of the biggest changes that you can see in the scrum guide 2020 is the removal of software specific terminology. As a result, it has become possible to use scrum for non-technical environments as well. You can find simple terms and simple language along with less perspective.

There are some changes to the definitions as well. For example, the definitions associated with definition of done, increment, sprint backlog, sprint goal, product backlog, empiricism and scrum definition have changed.

Development team concept that was included in the scrum team is now removed. This is done with the objective of eliminating the dysfunctions that can take place in between the product development team and product owner. Along with that, the entire focus of the scrum team is on the same objectives.

As per the new definition, the scrum team is now made out of a product owner, scrum master and developers. All the people who work to create a usable product are called as developers, regardless of the specific functionalities that they have. On top of that, entire team is now responsible for the development of useful and valuable product and ensuring the delivery of that increment at the end of the sprint. To add more value to this, the terms responsible and accountable are used more consistently.

These are some of the most prominent changes that we can see in the scrum guide 2020. If you are working for an agile development team, it is worthy to get your hands on the scrum guide and be familiar with all the changes.

— Slimane Zouggari