Teams cannot maximize Scrum and use it to solve their problems due to a Scrumbut. Organizations that are looking into implementing Agile may turn to Scrum. However, implementing Scrum will not let you attain the success that Agile is recognized for if you don’t make the shift. Organizations that don’t make that shift are called Scrumbuts as they are putting Scrum into action, but with changes for their unique situation. Here are signs that you may be a Scrumbut.
Your developers keep getting ahead of the testers
Scrum team aims to complete the task by the end of the race and members of team do what it takes to achieve this. Team members who get ahead of the others will hold back the team in due course. Every member of the team has to do something to help the group such as writing a test framework or running a test. If the entire team falls behind, all members also fall behind, regardless of what they are accomplishing as a person.
You fail to comply with regulatory documents
The Scrum team provides working code. Building the most amazing user experience won’t matter at all if your software cannot be used and you don’t comply with the required documentation. Ensure all tasks are done during the sprint.
Members of the team are scared to try new ideas as they’re afraid of failure
Scrum team members always do their best and feel comfortable about it as they know they won’t be blamed for trying to achieve the best. You should not allow your team members to become afraid of failure.
Retrospectives focus on “who” instead of “what”
You should focus on how you work together. It’s also important to focus on the tools you use to complete your tasks. There may be members who cannot meet the team’s demands. Those team members will be will be uncovered without the retrospectives revolving around them. You should allow the team to focus on the skills of its members and eliminate those that prevent the team from achieving success.
You want all of the stories described in detail before you start the first sprint
Traditional organizations don’t start until they have discussed every detail. On the other hand, Agile organizations put the stories into the backlog once they have enough information to estimate them and allocate business value. The information gets discussed later by determining implementation activities during the sprint planning assemblies. By waiting to define the information until everyone is ready to work, the team can avoid unnecessary waste.
You focus on metrics than on outstanding results
There are plenty of metrics that can be considered by a Scrum team and ScrumMaster. These metrics help the Scrum team determine blockers. However, these metrics can become a goal that the team may only focus on it and forget about the results. The team can only be considered effective if the software is launched and the client is satisfied. Metrics should only be used to determine problems and during the retrospective.

Slimane Zouggari