Six Sigma: For an Effective Project Management

Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, and Control or DMAIC for short is utilized for refining existing business procedures whereas Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Verify or DMADV, is used for scheming and developing totally new goods or services from scratch. Both of these are known as the premium quality project management concept ever planned.
Six Sigma vs Lean Management
Six Sigma and lean management are two methods which are the same tools and methodologies. Both are of Japanese basis; however they are two diverse methods. Lean management focused on getting rid of waste and making sure swift while 6 Sigma concentrates on getting rid of flaws and reducing variability.
What makes Six Sigma Efficient?
Well, there are lots of reasons for that and you can know a few simply through going in this background of Six Sigma. It was the Motorola Company that invented Six Sigma and utilized it for the very first time in the 70s. The whole initiative proved to be a remarkable success and allowed the business to save millions of dollars.
Once you look at this, you will know that the victory of Six Sigma was largely because its comprehensive and organized approach towards superiority improvement initiatives. You will also know that this approach had made the best possible usage of available organization resources, something that allowed Motorola to get the desired objective.
Other Essential Reasons That You Have To Know
• The effectiveness of Six Sigma can also be outlined to its inherent nature which lay stress on following information driven approach. Following this approach, aids a lot as it basically removed the possibilities of human mistakes that may occur, during the stage of implementation. Since, the entire decision are based on analysis and statistical tests, it greatly enhances the likelihood that the quality project management improvement initiatives will be capable of getting the needed results.
• It also makes it simpler for implementation team members to know the true meaning and purpose behind the planned quality improvement initiatives.
• One good reason is that regardless of following information driven approach, Six Sigma doesn’t fail to give because of consideration to the human factor without that even the best quality project management concept not be successful in achieving the objectives. During the implementation, this approach stress on change management that aids companies to give the right motivation, support as well as guidance to organizational members. In turn, this makes sure that the workers will not hesitate while dealing with new responsibilities and challenges that may come up during the implementation.
So how efficient Six Sigma method really is?
Six Sigma aims at attaining near-perfect trades procedures and this has been attained by a lot of businesses over the past couple of years. A lot of businesses that executed Six Sigma were capable of lowering the rate of mistake to no more than 3.4 flaws for every million chances that may have existed for such flaws to occur.
This is relatively enough for proving the efficiency of Six Sigma. On the other hand, when you are not convinced, you can take a look at the ensuing advantages which come in the form of improved customer satisfaction, sales as well as profitability. Then, you will know precisely why this method is the best project management concept.

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