Spotify Model 

Spotify model is an organizational methodology that is using guilds, chapters, squads and tribes. Squad is the underlying foundation of this framework. It is acting similar to a Scrum team. Squad will self-organize and determine the best method to work. A tribe will be made from a group of individuals who are working for a common area.

Squad in Spotify model is single project and single product focused. Product owner is responsible for managing the backlog. In the meantime, agile coach will be able to accelerate the transformation process and make it move forward in the positive direction. Tribe will be co-located along with the squad, but it is limited only to 100 individuals. Chapters will be a part of squad, where the team members are working together. Final aspect in Spotify model is the guild, which is made out of a group of individuals who share similar interests.

An agile team will tweak the formation of the team and move forward with Spotify model. It will be able to streamline the nature of work that is done.

If a client wants the development as soon as it is requested, Spotify model is the right option available to go ahead with and achieve the desired functionality.

If the team is used to traditional agile methodology, making the shift to move forward with Spotify model will be quite challenging.

Most of the multinational companies are currently using Spotify model. That’s because they want to beat the competition and deliver products quickly to customers. If a competitor is doing something, Spotify model will help to get that requirement delivered quickly to the market before competitors.

— Slimane Zouggari