Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Team Foundation Server (TFS) is considered as a Microsoft product that offers a lot of services such as source code management, requirements management, automated bills, reporting and a lot more. When you are looking for the same services with the need to choose a reputable and dependable one, TFS is the service provider that you totally need. They have spectacular quality services which can give you a hassle free experience.

TFS is able to support the Visual Studio (2010) and Microsoft Test Manager (2012 & 2013) with its long years of service. Because of its superb help, it has served Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel. As a result, their clients became more capable of managing a number of work items that allowed them to have a bulk update, bulk export and bulk entry.


  • Great Extensibility – Microsoft offers APIs for connecting to the Team Foundation Server such as Java and NET Framework SDK. They allow every client to experience a wonderful connectivity to the Microsoft product. Since TFS is available on a particular architecture that is service-oriented, it can effectively communicate with a variety of tool which can call a certain website service.
  • Centralized Control System – The Microsoft product supports two kinds of source control such as Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) and TFS 2013. TFVC allows any team to store various kinds of artifact in their repository.
  • Work items tracking – As a business owner, there is a need to track many company’s aspects such as requirements, tasks, defects and scenarios. With the use of the agile software, tracking will be as easy as pie. There will be no hassles on your part as well.

Pricing – Aside from providing services that can make your team collaborative, it is available at an affordable or free cost. However, it depends on what type of version that you will choose. When you plan to select TFS Express, you do not need to allot a budget because it is totally free. If you are eager to make Visual Studio Online as your topmost option, you need to pay $20 every month when you exceed to 5 users. Whatever your budget needs, the agile software is responsive and relevant.

As a part of the industry, it is able to stand out from its competitors such as Jenkins, Codeship, Travis CI, CircleCi and many more. As as agile software, it has become the topmost choice of many individuals out there. When you engage in a business that requires various software projects, it has the ideal development tools that you cannot afford to miss. At the end of the day, you will witness a huge difference in your company. More specifically, it can make your entire team more collaborative.

Do you belong in a business venture that includes software projects?  Do you want to make many things more organized? If that is the case, you can take TFS into consideration. Certainly, you will be able to achieve all your objective with just a click. Within a short period of time, you will become a successful entrepreneur like other business owners out there.

— Slimane Zouggari