The 7 Factors of UX by Peter Morville

The user experience (UX) is focusing on having a deep understanding of the users, their abilities, their needs, their value, as well as their limitations. At the same time, it takes into account the goals and objectives of business of a certain group that manages the project. The best practice of UX is to promote enhancement to the quality of the interaction of the users with perceptions of a certain products and related services.  At UX core, it is to ensure that the users are finding value on what a provider is giving to them.

Being said, Peter Morville represents his User Experience Honycomb with the following seven available factors.


As a practitioner, perhaps you might not just simply settle down to the lines draw by the higher executives. You need courage and creativity to determine whether the offered products as well as your system are useful and to have applicable idea to the craft, together with the medium to define an innovative solution, which is useful for user experience.


It is vital for everyone to have ease of use, and still the perspective of the human computer and the interface-centered techniques doesn’t address all dimensions of website designing. In a short say, usability is necessary but not adequate.


With this UX, people’s quest for efficiency should be tempered by an appreciation for the value and power of images, brand, identity and other available elements of an emotional design.


Products must be easy to find, as well as in the instance of information and digital products. Their contents must be easy to find also. Thus, striving to design a navigable website, together with locatable items can allow the customers look easily for their very needs.


Just like what we have in two-story supermarkets, they have walkalators to allow the pushcarts and disabled persons to conveniently go up and down without a fuss in order to access with products offered in both floors. Same thing must be in you website and in your product; it must be accessible to all regardless of who they are, thus user experience is escalated while gaining more and more consumers.


Credibility must be maintained from the beginning where your branding evolves because the trust of consumers does not just end by buying your product and settling their payments. If you fail to maintain credible name in the marketplace, they will potentially look for their needs elsewhere.


The product must offer value to the business, which can be acquired also from consumers who use it. In order to maintain value, the product you offered must be willing to solve a 100% problem of users in order for it to succeed.

The success of a product will certainly depend more than just having a usability and utility alone. Any products that are known to be useful, usable, desirable, findable, accessible, credible and valuable are more likely to have a place and will succeed in the marketplace, thus the factor regarding user experience is important to stay ahead of the competition.

— Slimane Zouggari