The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos refers to the primary perception to examine the work before, during and after. These perceptions are the business, development, and testing. The first to use the term “3 Amigos” was George Dinwiddie for the agile development in the year 2009. The term was named after a movie from the mid 90’s. The Amigos function roles are mentioned above.

The Three Amigos solely represents the and literally mean more than three. The collaboration between agile teams was across the three roles. George wants these three to be heavily collaborative with the Acceptance Test for each of the user story. Business refers to the problem we are trying to solve. Development refers to the solution to the solution of the problem. And testing refers to the things that could possibly happen.

There are people who hold to the perspective that collaborates to easily determine what to do and what are the solutions to these problems. The best concept of the Three Amigos is the balance between the collaboration of people with the various perception which includes the entire team in talking about the details of the increment in work. There were rumors that there was a scheduled 3 amigos style meeting. The idea was created to for each of the users to be ready for the sprint execution. The three amigos limit its discussion for only three people. But if there are other people or stakeholders involve in the work, they may also be included in the discussion. The three amigos discussion may also be expanded into a team. The intention of this work is to include every necessary perspective into the group. The three amigos concept is a meeting which is being scheduled as a regular meeting and is treated as a ceremony for the team.

When do the Amigos Meet?

The three amigos meet as a part of the backlog development and grooming. For example, during the development of the story, the three amigos basically check and ensure the story and make sure that it is on track. Usually, there are demos and discussions to help complete the code drive. Upon the completion of the story, the three amigos will gather around and execute it. They will continue to accept the criteria until the Product Owner is being satisfied. The collaboration in the planning meeting tells how the story is perfectly fit on the Sprint and what will it look like.

What do They Do?

The Three Amigos have its general format. These formats include the 30mins-1 hour meeting. This is set up to 1-2 sprints. There is 1 developer and 1 QA are being invited to the meeting. These are individuals who are invited to test the features. It is the job of the business analyst to preside and begin the meeting by simply introducing the features of the three amigos. The analysts then will show to everyone the requirements which are being reviewed by the amigos. This requirement should be ready for further updates and are ready for development. The developer will ask if the task needs to undergo a pre-feature test.

The Three Amigos shared understanding about the increment of the work. This also helps in identifying the early confusion and thus allow learning to happen. The Three Amigos also provides a reasonable guard which is involved in the discussions about the given work at hand.

— Slimane Zouggari