Understanding DevOps Better

DevOps is a movement that is composed of people who think that it is about time for change in the information technology industry. This is mainly about putting a stop to wasting money and starting delivering great software. In addition, it also about seeking to build systems that lasts.
How Does it Help?
There is a need to face the fact that the IT industry and the software industry suck. Even projects usually run late and as they are delivered, they will have nothing to do with investment. Some people even wonder why they have a job at all.
The good thing about DevOps is that it is built around a lot of people who firmly are a believer of it as a combination of attitude and appropriate technology. Through these elements, these can help revolutionize the software delivery and development.
As per the demographic, it is composed of talented and experienced thirty-something sysadmin coders having a clear understanding of writing a software. This is entirely about shipping product and making money. They also have mainly understood the key essential of being on the same side.
All people, testers, developers, network technicians, managers, sysadmins and DBA’s are trying to achieve one thing. This is mainly about the delivery of reliable and quality software that brings benefits to a specific business.
In this movement, it also highly emphasizes that there is no such IT skill that is more powerful or more useful than the other. To be able to resolve the problems, you might as well need all essential skills. When you are building teams that involve people such as sysadmins, testers and developers, you are also building remarkable teams.
Apart from this multi-disciplinary approach, the movement attempts to further encourage the continuous development of communication skills. It also seeks to understand the domain wherein the software is being written. It also promotes passion and sensitivity for an underlying business. This way, it ensures that it succeeds.
Among all these, communication is still one of the biggest players. As such, Devops are among the bridge-builders and are characterized due to their multidisciplinary skill set. They are those people who find themselves comfortable with configuration and infrastructure. They are also happy to write tests, roll up their sleeves, ship and debug features.
Apart from it, they are those people who make connections as they have feet in their multiple camps. They can also be peace makers, communicators, facilitators and ambassadors. The main point of the DevOps movement is to assess and encourage them further. This way, they can compare ideas and begin training, recruiting, identifying the way of doing IT.
It is expected that this movement will have its positive and impactful effect on the bottom line- such as better availability and reliability. More fulfilled and happier clients will be achieved in the long run. Thus, the team can focus more of their energies on core business than just wasteful firefighting and administration.
If you feel like you are wary of the movement, never worry anymore because as long you have the desire to change, you can hop in and join them!

— Slimane Zouggari