Usability Testing

When it comes to websites, before it is launched, it must undergo a usability testing. Nobody wants to introduce a website with too many flaws which will not satisfy its users in the end. It could be your loss in the end too. Thus, it is best to have a website undergo testing to see if it can satisfy the user and will not provide any problem.

The term used in knowing if a thing is easy for the users to utilize is called Usability Testing. This is a method that almost all companies are performing in order to identify the user experience which can be a basis for improving something to meet the user experience.

What is Usability Testing?

Usability testing is utilized as a method for assessing to know if a website is easy to use or not. Testing the usage of a website can be a big factor whether it will bring a good experience to the users or will not bring satisfaction. The usability testing is done by researchers who will monitor real users. With this, real users will be able to experience the website and will provide what could be the possible problems that they have encountered during the testing.

Usability testing may be compared to the typical testing done for a website such as acceptance testing and bug testing. However, usability is fairly different from other tests because, in this kind of testing, real users are the one who will experience the website and accurate information will be provided since it came from people who have experienced the product.

When to use it?

Usability testing can be used when you want to compare your website to another. Comparative usability testing is the term for this. This testing is being done if you want to compare your website with another website. Also, comparative usability testing is also done if you want to match the designs of two websites in order for you determine which one will work on the experience of the users.

In addition, usability testing is also used in order to know what should be included on the website, product, or service in order to achieve the needs and satisfaction of the users.

Concrete Example of Usability Testing

In order to know how a usability testing is done, here is an example.

A researcher will be the one who will lead the testing. This will know if the usability is good or needs to be improved.

A researcher will read a task on the participant like how a technical support is contacted. After the task was delivered, the researcher will let the participant perform the task on its own. For the researcher not to be biased, it will just go with the provided script and the script will be read to all participants.

Once the participant is done with the task, the researcher will read the next task until the testing is done.

Usability testing can be the key for developers and business owners to improve their user experience in order to meet the needs and satisfaction of their customers.

— Slimane Zouggari