User Experience

What is User Experience?

UX or user experience is referred as the entire experience of people as they use particular system, product or service. It would include the experiential, meaningful, practical, affective and valuable aspects of interaction between a computer and human and also the product ownership. In addition, it would include the perceptions of an individual about system aspects like ease of use, efficiency and utility. User experience might also be considered as subjective in nature into the degree which is about individual perception as well as thought along with respect to the system.

In addition, user experience is also dynamic since it is modified constantly over time because of changing usage circumstances as well as changes to the individual systems and the wider usage context wherein they could be found. Indeed, user experience is about focusing in having deep understanding with regards to the users – their needs, abilities, values and limitations. It should also consider the business goals as well as objectives of the group that manages the project. Best practices of UX will improve the quality of the interaction of the user and the perceptions of the products and services.


Early developments about user experience could be traced back into the machine age which includes the 19 and also the early 20th centuries. Henry Ford and Frederick Winslow Taylor were considered to be indeed in the forefront of exploring great and new ways in order to make human labor a lot more efficient as well as productive. The pioneering research of Taylor into the efficiency of interactions between the workers and their tools is considered as the earliest example which resembles the fundamentals of user experience today. And it was then brought to wider knowledge in the mid of 1990s by Donald Norman therefore until now it plays of great role in the industry already.

Factors that Influence User Experience

There are indeed things that should be considered with regards to the provided information in order to achieve valuable and meaningful UX. And these factors are the following:

  • There is a need for the content to be original and should fulfil certain need.
  • The site should be easy to use.
  • Content of the site should be navigable as well as locatable both off site and on site
  • Brand, identity, image and some other design elements are being used in order to evoke emotion as well as appreciation
  • Users should believe and trust what you tell them
  • Content should be accessible to those people even with disabilities

In order to come up with exemplary user experience meeting the needs of the customer is indeed the first requirement. Next would be elegance and simplicity that will produce products which is a joy to use and own. True user experience will go far beyond the idea of giving the customers with what they want or rendering them a checklist of features. But, in order to achieve user experience in optimum quality there should be a seamless merging of the services of multiple disciplines.

— Slimane Zouggari