Vulnerability Testing

As you develop software in an agile environment, you will have to perform numerous types of testing. Vulnerability testing holds a prominent place out of them. Vulnerability testing is where you understand and classify the security vulnerabilities that exist within IT infrastructure. There are multiple tools, which you can use for vulnerability testing.

Multiple stages are there to follow as you do vulnerability testing. The very first step is to define goals of vulnerability testing. Then you can gather all information that you need for testing. After that, you can go through the vulnerability testing process. This is where you will be using specifically designed vulnerability scanners to detect vulnerabilities of the system. In case if there are complex flaws, you might have to do penetration testing along with vulnerability testing.

All the outcomes of vulnerability testing are documented and reported accordingly. You will need to have a deep analysis of the security vulnerabilities, so that you can detect causes as well as the potential impact caused by them. The next step would be to rank vulnerabilities based on severity and proceed with fixing them. In case if an issue cannot be resolved immediately, you should at least attempt to go for a virtual patch and fix it.

You should never ignore the importance of vulnerability testing. It will ensure the overall security of your IT infrastructure. Along with vulnerability testing, you can overcome customer loss, financial damage, and experience numerous other similar benefits. You can also refrain from encountering attacks as a result of vulnerability testing. While keeping this in mind, you should plan both automated and manual vulnerability tests accordingly.

— Slimane Zouggari