What You Need to Know About Devops and its Benefits

If you are seriously interested in information technology management particularly web operations, you might probably heard about Devops being a topic highly talk about. Devops is viewed as an umbrella concept referring to anything that smooth out interactions between development and operations. However, ideas and concepts behind the Devops are deeper than these.
More about Devops
Devops is proven to the response into the rapidly growing belief that there’s no connection between what’s traditionally considered development activities and operation activities. This lack of connection is often manifested as inefficiency and conflicts. As renowned individuals state that there is a wall of confusion existing between operations and development and this wall is actually caused by combination of contradicting tooling, motivations and processes.
Development-centric individuals come from the mindset wherein change is the thing that they’re actually paid to effectively accomplish. Business relies on them to address or respond to the ever changing needs. Due to this, they are usually incentivized to make many changes possible.
Operation folks on the other hand tend to root from the mindset that change is considered an enemy. Businesses depend on them in order to keep the lights on and provide the right services which make the essential business money these days. Operations are motivated to somehow resist change as this undermines reliability and stability.
Both operations and development basically see the world and its respective roles but in different lights. Individuals need to keep in mind that Devops team fall to different organizational structure which is often with different competing business politics and different managers and commonly works on diverse geographic locations.
Benefits of Devops
Devops is undeniably a powerful idea for the reason that this resonates on to various different levels. From individuals’ perspective toiling in operational roles and hands-on development, Devops direct towards a life which is free from sources of many of individuals’ hassle. It is by no means a highly magical panacea however, if you can effectively make Devops work, you can remove barriers which are both source of morale-killing frustration and time sink.
It’s an easy calculation people can make. It pays to help make Devops a reality and all individuals must be more nimble, efficient and less frustrated. Some individuals might argue that Devops is a farfetched or lofty goal however; it is quite difficult to argue especially if you haven’t tried this.
Many individuals and companies are now practicing Devops and the benefits are visible. The immense benefits of Devops further include reliable releases, improved efficiency and productivity, short time to market, great customer satisfaction and increased ability to create the right products through quick yet effective experimentations.
If you are certain that Devops concepts will bring you more good, then you have good reasons to adapt this practice. You will surely enjoy more of the benefits like shortened lead time, low failure rate, enhanced deploy frequency and quicker recovery time. These are all the wonderful things that Devops can offer.

— Slimane Zouggari