10,000 ft

Every major workforce needs a software that not only functions on the creative side of running the company but also to the process of making workforce run in a collaborative manner. 10k can give you this software and many more.


10, 000ft was launched in the year 2012 and with comes the release of the product, 10,000ft Plans. This brought a wide integration of customers in over 100 countries and over 20, 000 projects in just seven million hours. With the design and collaborative approach presented, the company gained awards; one of this is the Design Award.

In the summer of 2015, the company released the product 10, 000ft Insights that marked a difference on the ways of how companies management business and create solutions. This pave a way in the creation of more creative projects under the name of the company.

What does it?

This agile software is created in order for users to manage and use their resources. This provides an integrated platform that will make you use all your resources in a collaborative manner. This pertains to creating business platforms and delivering a creative and accurate result to clients. Thus, the creation of reports, presentations and spreadsheets are made in a fast and excellent way as possible.

This will provide you with a flexible managing interface, project and resource matching and a digital board. In using this, you will have a picture of the resources that you have personnel and projects.

For whom it is Useful

The 10, 000ft software is useful to project planners, company owners, and other individuals who are in need of creative planning needs.


  • Adaptable and Flexible User interface

This lets you use all the strategic planning and collaborative approach in an easy and simple way.


  • Better Personnel Management

This simplifies the assignment of tasks to each company employee


  • The projects are made visible

All the clients could see all the laid out projects and plans.


  • A company that has no agile software resources could use this planning tool. It would be difficult if the company has not enough flexible resources.
  • If the business has no large number of staff, the full potential of the software could not be used


There are three price plans that you can choose from in 10, 000ft projects. These are as follows:


The price of this plan is $10 per month that is available for group users.


The price of this is $20 dollars per month for every group of 10 users.


This price plan could be availed for $45 per month and fit for larger teams.


10, 000ft has many competitors. These are as follows:

  • Hi Task
  • JRA
  • Trello
  • Up Keep

The 10, 000ft does provide a creative response in terms of collaborative manner of running the company. In using this as a project-planning tool, there is an assurance of a good way of running your business or company. Aside from these, you can also save big time with the features it has to offer. Hence, a successful result will be achieved.

— Slimane Zouggari