Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is an online project management app, which helps a person to work and keep track of their progress. It allows the people within the project to communicate easily, discuss their own ideas and stay informed at all times. This enables them to deliver high quality results on time.

Zoho Project is an online integrated project management software, that offers project management, agile project, customization, notifications, learning and support, which comes from Zoho business suite of products and services like Zoho CRM, Invoice, Creator, Mail and others. A lot of people are familiar with this brand and they know the modularity of the products made it simple to add, scale or expand functions and features as the business grows.

Zoho is a privately held company in Plesanton, California, the company was established in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu. In 2008, the company reached its 1 million users and continued to develop as a company.

it shortens project planning, collaboration and tracking with its different features. Every stakeholder is capable of working on the same page getting the same goal with the aid of automated processes as well as real-time information planning.

Zoho Projects Features and Benefits

  • Project Collaboration, Document Management, Chat Rooms

Zoho Project makes it simple for the team to works to their goal by a single interface. Spreadsheets, documents, presentations and more could be shared together with the team. It could import a wide variety of files of PDF, images, documents as well as ZIP files.


  • Project Planning, Timesheets and Gantt Charts

Zoho Projects enable their users to determine talk lists, milestones, tasks and subtasks. The whole interface enables the project manager to assign tasks to resources, be able to set start and to end dates, reminders and priorities.


  • Reporting Tools, Mobile Apps, Integrations and more

Zoho Projects could be combined with Reports – an analytics and business intelligence application, which offer meaningful visual information.


Zoho Projects provides a freemium plan. The pricing is based on the amount of project, however enables unlimited users throughout all plans. Further, the free plan (for 1 project) includes 10MB storage and limited features. On the other hand, the Express Plan begins at $20/month and includes 5GB storage and 20 projects. You get access to 8 project management templates, a Gantt Chart (view only) and several core features. Meanwhile, the Premium plan costs $40 per month and the Enterprise Plan with unlimited projects costs $80/month.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There’s no doubt that Zoho Projects provides countless collaboration features to maintain information flowing in your teams. The Facebook-like social platform offers collaboration together on a forum, which must be familiar to majority of users. However, Zoho Projects comes shot in their dealing with agile software development. While it helps and supports user stories, it still lack the capability to facilitate a product backlog.

Zoho Projects has been around the market for many years. Though they already launched their version 5, still a lot of user complain that it’s still basic. Information on customer support are missing, however the resource center is there with knowledge base, user guides, community forum and blogs.

— Slimane Zouggari