Agile Coach

People hire an agile coach outside the company to improve the organization working standards, but it is important to go for the right person who knows how to handle things and make progress.

What is the job of an agile coach?

The agile coach job is to bring change in the culture of an organization. This cultural change helps to ensure the visibility and transparency in all the projects. Agile coach finds out the ways for the company development and urges the organization to rethink and change its working ways. The addition of agile coach positively influence the individuals, groups or team, and the entire organization. One can hire an agile coach for temporary or permanently.

What does he do?

The agile coach has many responsibilities to fulfil:

  • He serves as a guiding person or mentor to the persons working on a task.
  • He is monitoring all the task completion process to make it better, efficient, and productive.
  • He facilities in improving and solving the matters and group dynamics.
  • He keeps an eye on all interactions happening between different employees in the company.
  • They sometimes introduce the old or new ways to solving up things while playing a teacher role.
  • The agile coach also masters in handling technical issues so if there is some technical problems occur in the company, and he could give the best advice.

What does not belong to the agile coach job description?

Agile coach is not responsible at all for some other tasks as he is not responsible for the delivery of projects or reporting progress reports to the task manager. It has to focus on company growth through completing projects instead of ensuring the personal growth of each employee working on the project. He did not have to teach the employees how to work and take steps.

— Slimane Zouggari