LS – Wicked questions

Liberating structures: Wicked questions

What is meant by it?

Asking wicked questions during presentations, meetings and conferences is another great way used by the agile community for making sure that everyone engages in the discussion. It helps to sharpen everyone’s ability to think more strategically. Therefore, when you ask wicked questions, the participants will have to open their minds and think strategically to answer your question.

How is it done?

Begin the session by asking everyone which complementary strategies do we need to follow to be accomplish our goals. You can make a group of 4-6 people. Everyone should be equally involved in the discussion. Participants can either participate individually or they can form small groups or work as a whole. Once the groups are made you will explain them what wicked questions are. For 5 minutes each pair will be discussing about the wicked question format. In the next 5 minutes, each group will select their most strong wicked question. Then, everyone as a whole shall pick out the most powerful wicked questions within 10 minutes.

Why are wicked questions important?

It will help you to develop your innovative strategies so that you can move forward and evaluate your decisions. You will be able to use your creative skills and engage with other people.

Tips and Traps

Following are some tips and traps that may help you:

  • Every participant should answer both sides of the paradox.
  • A variety of examples should be used.
  • Try to work in circles.
  • Don’t use nasty question.
  • Don’t ask questions related to data.
  • Let everyone participate equally and give in their ideas.



Wicked questions can be used in the following circumstances:

  • They can be used for parental advice.
  • For helping leaders to keep the public involved plans.
  • To manage huge global operations.
  • In functional departments including HR, legal, etc.

— Slimane Zouggari