Agile Fluency Model

When an agile team is adopting agile practices, the overall team culture would shift. This is where the team would start focusing more on the customer, business, and user benefits at the time of product development planning. In other words, this is where the team would focus on fluency.

Agile Fluency Model is all about exhibiting the proficiency of supporting the business to get its requirements catered through the agile development approach. In other words, a team that works under the Agile Fluency Model will have a clear understanding about the market needs and will work accordingly to cater to the market needs. Along with time, it would be possible for a team to ensure maximum fluency as well.

Achieving fluency under Agile Fluency Model is never an easy thing to do. For example, the team members will need to practice their skills under pressure. They will have to keep on performing under pressure as well. On top of that, it is important for them to deliberate and work along with consistent practice as well.

It is also important to understand that organizational fluency is related to the team fluency. Therefore, it is important to focus on the team efforts, which will eventually ensure the success of an entire organization. In the meantime, you should figure out that the fluency of a team would vary based on the capabilities of the individuals who are performing as team members. It would also vary depending on the organizational culture, relationships, management structure, and the technologies and tools that the teams are using. No matter what, it is worthy to have a clear understanding about Agile Fluency Model and implement that in the practical world, so that it is possible to experience all benefits that come along with it.

— Slimane Zouggari