Force field analysis

Force field analysis is the concept where you would be evaluating the pressure that is in favor of change and against the change. When you are working in an agile environment, you will come across the need to conduct force field analysis, so that you can determine the likelihood of implementing change.

People often encounter struggles when they are trying to make tough decisions. This is where they will hash through both pros and cons, while agonizing over going for the right decision. When someone is making challenging or difficult decisions, it is important to use a well-structured and an effective decision-making technique, which can eventually enhance the overall quality of decisions. Along with that, it is even possible to improve the chances of securing success. That’s where force field analysis would come into play.

Force field analysis was introduced during the 1940s by Kurt Lewin. Even though it was used as a tool in social psychology, we are now capable of using this tool in the agile development environments. According to this concept, we evaluate the situations where two forces, where one force is in favor of change and the other force is against the change, are pushing onto each other. If a change is to happen, the driving forces should gain more strength. Or else, the resisting force should weaken.

When implementing force field analysis in the real world, it is possible to describe the proposal or plan for change first. Then it is possible to figure out all the forces for change and forces against the change. By assigning scores for each force, it is possible for you to analyze and determine whether you should go ahead with the change or not. This is quite useful at the time of implementing an agile project.

— Slimane Zouggari