Emergent Leadership

Agile organizations are highly creative, collaborative, and adaptive. In fact, you can make an agile organization equivalent to a living organism, which is operating on various principles. They would usually flatten the overall hierarchical structure, which would make the organizational chart unimportant. They will be based upon self-organization, autonomy, and empowerment. Hence, hierarchical leadership would not be the best fitting leadership style for an agile organization. It is important for an agile organization to follow Emergent Leadership style. Then it is possible to have the right leadership in all different instances, whenever it is required.

When it comes to an agile organization, each and every person would be a leader. In other words, everyone will be able to take a step and go for an initiative. In cast if that initiative is grabbing the interest of others, it is possible for establish a team, and go ahead with supporting it. This would deliver radical transparency to an agile team. On the other hand, it would be possible to take care of feedback, while correcting the ideas that don’t support the overall purpose that a team is trying to achieve.

Emergent Leadership is the best leadership style that is available for an agile development environment as of now. That’s because an agile environment would have a highly collaborative culture, which is based with a high level of safety, transparency, and trust. On top of that, it would also have an excellent evolutionary purpose as well. This would create alignment within the different parts of the organization, which would help it to head in the same direction along with a clear purpose. On top of that, it is possible to stick to this leadership style and achieve a higher level of collaboration, which would eliminate chaos.

— Slimane Zouggari