Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping, which is also known as VSM is an effective lean tool, which you will use to document each and every step of a process in the form of a flowchart. It is a quite popular tool among the lean agile practitioners. That’s because it is possible for them to use value stream mapping in order to figure out waste and reduce the process cycle times. On top of that, VSM can help them to go ahead with implementing process improvements as well.

You should keep in mind that VSM is acting in the form of a workplace efficiency tool. This tool would combine the material processing steps, along with flow of information. On top of that, it would take the important related information into consideration as well. If your agile organization wants to plana project, implement it, and improve throughout the lean journey, you should be using VSM and all the benefits that come along with it. That’s because VSM can deliver all the support that you need to develop a strong implementation plan, where you can maximize the resources that are available to you. Along with that, you will b able to use the time and materials that are available to you in an efficient manner.

Value is referring to what the customers will be able to get as the final service or product. To ensure the delivery of value to customers, it is important to pay special attention to quality inspections. That’s because no customer would be willing to do quality checks after getting the service or product. Hence, you need to adhere to VSM and do quality checks, so that you can ensure the fact that product you offer to the market is meeting quality expectations and quality standards.

— Slimane Zouggari