Agile teams

An agile team is made out from a cross functional group of individuals, who have everything, and everyone needed to create a functional and a tested version of a product. The team is working according to a set of rules and they are not moving in between different teams. They work together to achieve one common goal at the end of the day. 


The average size of an agile team will be 6 plus or minus three. In other words, the minimum number of individuals who can be on an agile team is 3 whereas the maximum number of individuals who can be on an agile team is 9.  


An agile team is a diverse team composed usually of business analysts, the software developers and software testers.


Typically, requirements on what to develop comes from the business analyst or the product owner. The developers will then develop based on the requirement and the testers will test to ensure that functionality is working as desired.  


It is important to plan effectively to go ahead with the agile team. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting work done within the agile lean environment.  


According to organizational structures, the employees from the group can be picked into the agile team based on their specialization. The specialists who come into the team will then be able to perform as one single group and get work done.  


— Slimane Zouggari