Agile Testing

When agile software development teams scale their team members and develop software, it is important to engage with testing as well. It will make sure that the software is properly developed in order to cater to the requirement of the product owner.

When it comes to standard software testing, the testers will wait until the entire software is developed by the developers to go ahead with testing. This is a time-consuming process. In order to overcome the difficulties associated with it, agile testing came into play. In agile testing, the testers will be able to keep on testing as the developers release developments for testing.

Agile testing can be considered as a continuous testing strategy. It is quite different from the waterfall testing methods. In here, the testers will go ahead and test the developments as the developers keep on releasing the developments.


Inside agile sprints, developers will keep on releasing their developments and the testers will be able to keep on testing those developments along with time. At the end of the sprint, a fully tested functionality to the software will be released by the agile development team.


It is important to make sure that the testers plan their time accordingly and work along with the testers in coordination. Then it is possible to make sure that testing can be completed before the time available in sprint times out.

Many different testing methodologies will be used in agile testing. They include acceptance test driven development testing, behavior driven development testing, exploratory testing and session-based testing as well. In addition to that, test strategy will be clearly executed as well.

— Slimane Zouggari