A German company named Kommunikationslotsen was first who came up with the visual facilitation and created their first product which is like picture card’s pad. The word Bikablo is a German word, Bi-ka-bla means picture cards pads in English. This product was like a visual dictionary with a collection of some picture cards on the block. Based upon the first product the company created, bikablo then came as a brand. And now, Bikablo is a training center, pioneer, and laboratory for visualization of hand-drawn.

In the world of Agile, Bikablo is a well-known organization. Diagrams and PowerPoint have always been used for securing knowledge, developing some of the smarter products, explaining processes and strategies in the past. But a smarter way to secure the knowledge is drawing more than any kind of diagram and PowerPoint figures. With bikablo, one can put up giant layout techniques, dramatic visual compositions, and emotions figures and convey your point and message in a superior way than any kind of diagrams and PowerPoint clip. It can benefit your team, project and the strategy.

In other drawing methods you have to learn how to hold the ruler to draw lines and shapes but in bikablo training, you would be taught how to really hold the pen and without using a ruler how one can draw a straight line and just get everything out straight from the pen. Through bikablo, you would be able to transform your presentations into dramatic compositions. You can make Sketchnotes in a far easy way by learning visualization technique that will help a lot in the facilitation of your workshops and office meetings. Visual storytelling, Graphic recording, Visual meeting facilitation, and visual consulting all by bikablo, would change the outlook of understanding things in a different and exciting way. You would not require any other drawing skills after getting this training.



— Slimane Zouggari