Kanban Maturity Model

The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) is basically a very powerful tool for the businesses, organizations, consultants, and coaches. The KMM is a well-known name in the Agile world and is consists of seven maturity levels for implementation. These seven maturity levels are as follows: Oblivious, Emerging, Defined, Managed, Managed Quantitatively, Optimizing, and Congruent. Different tasks are performed in different stages through ensuring high quality. Such high quality practices lead the organization towards the highest degree of maturity. On the other hand, improper application leads towards the lower degree of maturity. This Kanban model is very helpful and useful in showing the current skills of an organizations along with assisting how these skills can be assessed and improved. Most of the people consider this model as a reference model but in reality, it is actually more than just a simple reference model. It offers a roadmap to the organization through which they can enhance their evolutionary capacity in an effective way. This model is highly effective in creating good governance, alignment, unity, and a sense of purpose. This model can be used for a number of purposes such as the following.

Kanban Maturity Model is used in gaining a better knowledge and sense of achievement for the organization. This KMM model is used by various organizations to access and improve their current skills and performance.

This model is widely being used all over the world for the purpose of providing a number of amazing products. It is also being used for ensuring the delivery of high-end and quality-oriented services.

On top of all of its uses, this model is one of the best and top recommended model because of a very important reason. The reason is that the use of this model ensures the superior and desired business results and greater progress.


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— Slimane Zouggari