Sketchnoting is a well-known term in the agile world. Sketchnotes are visual notes but rich which are created through a mix of drawings, handwriting, shapes, hand-drawn typography and some visual elements like boxes, arrows, and lines. Do you really like to know how to make your own sketchnotes? Well, if yes then keep reading.

First, keep it in mind you do not have to be an artist when it comes to sketchnote. See the examples of sketchnote of others on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Practice it to interpret and read sketchnote of others in order to take meaning from doodles.  Practice how to take visual notes. Skectchnotes can be taken from anywhere like articles, lectures, books, birthday card etc. So take note from anything you would like to make sketchnote on. Try to share your notes with other sketchnote makers in order to communicate through this technique Try to use a variety of tools. For example, use pencil for the first time then switch on to tablet or computers. Find out which technique works best for you. Take a paper and pencil and follow these steps to make a sketchnote.

  1. Decide a layout, like radials, paths, columns etc.
  2. Write a title on the top of the page
  3. As you listen, read or see something, write down the most important idea that you get.
  4. Add drawings to each idea
  5. Use colors to highlights
  6. Then use lines and connect ideas to the drawings

Sketchnote is really helpful in taking notes but visually. It is very helpful in order to remember what you have listened to or seen. Sketchnoting is helpful in organizing your ideas precisely. Sketchnotes make you creative. It increases your concentration, listening and observing ability. Sketchnotes are good to deliver some unspoken messages visually.



— Slimane Zouggari