Blind men and the elephant

Blind men and the Elephant is the story of six blind men who are trying to describe picture by touching. They found a picture and these sightless people did not know about it so they were doing effort to recognise and comprehend the picture. Someone is telling after touching its ears that it is fan, second one tells his tail, a rope. Same like this the other four persons describe this object with the help of their own perception.


By this story we get a simple theory about things or situations and anything else that we cannot understand just by observing. We can get the idea by questioning and discussion.

Transposition to Software Development:

They should have guessed the tail as a tail, if the blind people knew about the picture that it is an elephant. Same like this, you can find different stories in the field of business and software development. If they are developing or producing something and they do not know about that what they are producing and what is its purpose even the owner of the product does not know about the real purpose of the product as well then it will become useless and time wasting. Anyone do not want to go in such situation so they should avoid it. The team must be raising the questions and they should be arguing about the product. By this they can get the main purpose of making the product clearly and so that they will be able to produce the required product efficiently.

No doubt, people have a tendency that they can represent their experiences as this is the whole truth but which is not; they do not like to listen or consider the experiences of other people. They should consider the experiences of other people and the experiences they have in software development to get the project done in the best way.

— Slimane Zouggari